Intra SprayPro

Lameness can be a challenge and we understand that you would like to control the situation. Footbaths can be a great tool in controlling the infectious problems, but often are not enough. The solution gets dirty and the focus during milking is not on the hooves.
Together with producers, a new hoof care management tool has been developed:

The Intra SprayPro!

Why Intra SprayPro?

  • Focus on hoof health by weekly spraying habits
  • Clean solution for every hoof; even the last cow through the parlour
  • Constant supply and pressure of Hoof Sol Liquid solution
  • Dependable system with 1 year limited warranty
  • Works great with sticky and highly viscous Hoof Sol Liquid product

youtubeTestimonials: Are you curious what producers have to say about using the Intra SprayPro? Watch the video HERE!

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