Hoof Care: Common Cattle Hoof Diseases

The first step to solving lameness challenges is the proper diagnosis of Hoof Diseases

It sometimes just happens, the cows are not walking like the rest of the cows in the barn. Something is not right but you aren’t sure what it is exactly. In order to choose the right action plan for the right hoof problem, a correct diagnosis has to be made or get some trimming tips to control the challenge.

Each section has a variety of pictures, and describes the causes, symptoms, prevention and management tips in detail to help you identify and address your cattle hoof problems.


Infectious Hoof Diseases:

Digital dermatitis is an inflammation of the skin around the cattle hoof. It is most commonly found at the back of the foot between the bulbs of the heels.

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Foot Rot pictureFoot Rot: Characteristics of foot rot can be seen if the skin between the claw and above the foot is swollen, painful and warm to the touch. Foot rot is usually combined with fever and decreased milk production.

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Heal erosion pictureInterdigital Dermatitis:  Bacteria in the interdigital skin area tend to cause infections which triggers extra horn formation with a characteristic smell.

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Non-Infectious Hoof Diseases:

Laminitis pictureLaminitis: Laminitis occurs when the claws are often warm, cow stands and walks uncomfortably, and will often lie down. An arched back and slow movement are also common symptoms of Laminitis. 

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